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Tom Palmer

Tom Palmer

020 7670 2937


I started a degree in Art History at The University of Hull in 2006, and quickly became engrossed in the world of art along with maintaining various musical commitments. It was a fantastic course with lots of opportunities to travel to the great artistic centres of the world. Graduating in 2009 with a first class degree, I worked for several galleries around the UK and put on group exhibitions for some of the artists I had met during this experience.

Advised that the auction world would be a good place to develop a career in the art world, I began an internship at Lots Road Auctions in Chelsea before being employed by Bonhams as gallery assistant. This was a fantastic place to see and work with all the myriad of specialisms that make up the art market and really opened my eyes to the world beyond old master paintings, on which my University course was heavily focused. After six months a position in the Musical Instrument Dept became available and, feeling this would perfectly marry my fledgling artistic eye with my passion for music, I successfully applied.

A very steep learning curve ensued over the following four years and I feel extremely privileged to work in this field and with this subject, advising clients about their instruments and helping to achieve the best market price for them.