Private Sales

Brompton's offers many fine instruments & bows for sale by private treaty. Free from the time constraints of the auction process, musicians are welcome to take these instruments on loan, by approval, for extended periods. Brompton's has a large international client base successfully matching musicians and collectors with some of the worlds finest instruments, including examples by Antonio Stradivarius, Giuseppe Guarneri Del Gesu, Giofredus Cappa and many more.

A selection of the instruments and bows currently available can be found below:

Cellos by:

  • Jean Baptiste Vuillaume
  • William Forster
  • Sebastian Vuillaume
  • Riccardo Antoniazzi
  • Carlo Tononi

Violins by:

  • Giovanni Baptista Guadagnini
  • Eugenio Degani
  • Francesco Ruggieri
  • Giofredus Cappa
  • Joseph Gagliano
  • Nicolo Gagliano
  • Giovanni Francesco Pressenda
  • Gaetano Sgarabotto
  • Giovanni Paulo Maggini

Bows by:

  • Dominique Peccatte
  • Nicholas Maline

Violas by:

  • Matteo Gofriller
  • Ferdinando Alberti (illustrated below)

A Fine Italian Viola by Ferdinando Alberti, Milan circa 1750

Length of back: 402mm
Sold with the certificate of Peter Biddulph, London 2007
For sale by private treaty through Brompton’s Auctioneers.

Call +44 (0)20 7670 2932 or contact us for more details. 



Please do contact Brompton's should you have specific requirements which are not met by the featured instruments. Instruments become available continuously and our specialists would be happy to discuss your requirements.