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Valuation Days at the Magliano Alfieri Classic Festival

12th & 13th July, 2023

Peter Horner, chairman of Brompton’s Auctioneers and world-renowned stringed instrument specialist, will be attending the Magliano Alfieri Classic Festival on the 12th and 13th July. Peter will be offering complimentary instrument appraisals, without obligation. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the value of your violin, viola, cello, or bow with the added option consign your instrument to Brompton’s forthcoming sales.

Book an appointment: To book your complimentary appointment please email camilla@bromptons.co



Peter Horner, Presidente di Brompton’s Auctioneers e specialista di strumenti ad arco di fama mondiale, sarà presente al Magliano Alfieri Classic Festival il 12 e 13 luglio. Peter offrirà valutazioni gratuite degli strumenti, senza alcun impegno. Non perdete l’occasione di scoprire il valore del vostro violino, della vostra viola, del vostro violoncello o del vostro arco, con l’ulteriore possibilità di consegnare il vostro strumento alle prossime vendite di Brompton.

Per prenotare un appuntamento e avere una valutazione gratuita inviare una email a camilla@bromptons.co

Violin discovered at valuation day breaks world auction record

Discovered by Brompton's at a valuation day in Brisbane, the violin pictured (a very fine Italian violin by Giuseppe Rocca, Turin 1839) went on to sell for a world auction record price of £210,000.

Valuation day attendees have said...

"It is not easy to part with a violin that has been a part of one’s life for almost 50 years. However, the time had come for me to say farewell to it and by good fortune Peter Horner was offering complimentary appraisals in Brisbane. Peter’s manner and handling of my violin reassured me that it would be in very good hands at Brompton's.

I am very grateful for the fine work that went into sprucing up and restoring my Rocca, the article by John Dillworth, the certification by Peter Biddulph, and in the way it was honoured by Corina Belcea’s gifted playing. Finally, the outcome of the auction was beyond my expectations. My sincere thanks to all at Brompton’s."

Susan V, Brisbane, Australia

"I took my late father’s violin in to Peter Horner when he was in Sydney doing free valuations in 2017. Peter knew it was something ‘special’ and felt he could get a good price for it at auction so we agreed for him to take it back to London along with 2 bows.

The violin turned out to be a fine 18th century Dalla Costa instrument in need of some restoration work. We were very happy with the restoration work done and were delighted with the promotional video of the violin being played by Corina Belcea on the website and on YouTube.

The instrument (and bows) sold for a good price and we were very pleased with the professionalism and courteous manner of Peter and the team at Brompton's. It was a bit nerve wracking sending the violin across the world but they really kept us informed every step of the way. My experience with Brompton's was a very positive one and I’m happy to recommend them."


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