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Preview Brompton's October 2016 Sale Highlights

We will be releasing information about instruments consigned to our forthcoming October sale over the coming weeks. If you would like to arrange a private viewing of any instruments in our sales, please contact us

Lot 238 - A Very Fine Italian Violin by Giovanni Grancino, Milan circa 1700

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Lot 133 - A Fine Italian Viola by Lorenzo Storioni, Cremona, Last Quarter of the Eighteenth Century

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Lot 253 - A Fine Italian Violin by David Tecchler, Rome 1694

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Lot 211 - A Fine Italian Violin by Tomaso Eberle, Naples circa 1780

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Lot 232 - A Very Fine Italian Violin by Carlo Oddone, Turin 1899

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Lot 108 - An Italian Violin by Giuseppe Guadagnini, Como circa 1785

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Lot 91 - A Fine Italian Violin by Joseph Gagliano, Naples circa 1770

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Lot 82 - A Very Fine Italian Violin by Giuseppe Scarampella, Florence 1901

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Lot 117 - A Fine Italian Violin by Nicolo Gagliano, Naples circa 1780

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Lot 129 - A Fine Viola, probably by a member of the Albani family, Bolzani circa 1650

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Publish Date: 22nd July 2016