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Preview Brompton's October 2017 Sale Highlights

We always recommend that you view lots in person where possible. You can attend our public viewing day or alternatively arrange a private viewing.

Public Sale Previews:

Sunday, 22nd October 2017, 10am - 6pm
Monday, 23rd October 2017, 9am - 12pm
Location: The Royal Institution, 21 Albemarle Street, Mayfair, London W1S 4BS

Private Viewing:

All instruments are available to view privately, by appointment, in advance of the sale.
Please call +44 (0)20 7670 2932 or email


Lot 72 - A Very Fine Italian Violin by Matteo Goffriller, Venice circa 1710

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Lot 63 - A Very Fine Italian Violin by Matteo Goffriller, Venice circa 1700

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Lot 131 - A Fine and Rare Sloping-Shoulder Guitar by Johann Georg Stauffer, 1830

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Lot 127 - A Fine Venetian Baroque Guitar attributed to Matteo Sellas, circa 1625

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Lot 220 - The Ex Light
A Very Fine Italian Violin by Francesco and Vincenzo Rugeri (Ruggieri), Cremona circa 1700

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Lot 205 - A Fine Italian Violin by Giovanni Rugeri, Cremona circa 1695

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Lot 195 - A Fine Italian Violin by Francesco Rugeri, circa 1690

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Lot 211 - A Fine Italian Violin by Matteo Goffriller, Venice 1708

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Lot 45 - A Very Fine Italian Violin by Giuseppe Rocca, Turin 1839

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Lot 191 - A Very Fine Italian Violin by Carlo A. Tononi, Venice 1722 and later

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Lot 215 - A Fine and Rare Italian Violin by Pietro Antonio Dalla Costa, Treviso circa 1760

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Lot 36 - A Very Fine Gold & ivory Exhibition Violin Bow by E.Sartory Paris 1937

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Lot 99 - A Very Fine French Viola by J. B. Vuillaume, after Maggini, circa 1830-1835

A certificate by Jean-Jacques Rampal is available to purchase

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Publish Date: 30th August 2017