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B. Saluzzo, 1644, d. 1717, Turin

An early maker working in an Amati-influenced style in Turin. His teachers were almost certainly of Tyrolean origin, notably Enricus Catenar and Andrea Gatto, who utilised the technique peculiar to northern European makers of setting the ribs into a channel cut into the inner edge of the back. Cappa soon revised this, and made instruments in a more conventional way, but with distinctive sloping soundholes, and a deeply coloured but softly textured varnish. His style was perpetuated in Turin by Spiritus Sorsana and Joannes Franciscus Celoniatus, but the Turin school subsequently fell into decline until it??Ts revival in the early nineteenth century by Joannes Franciscus Pressenda.

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Name Category Origin Date Sold GBP USD EUR
Cappa, Goffredo Violin Italy Dec 1994 £ $
Cappa, Goffredo Violin Italy 1675 Nov 1994 £ $
Cappa, Goffredo Violin Saluzzo 1680 Jun 1994 £ $
Cappa, Goffredo Violin Saluzzo 1680 Nov 1997 £ $

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