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Double Bass by Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy, Mirecourt 1900 c.

Price Sold

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EUR: €2,000 - €3,000


Four strings, bearing a Derazey's label, many restorations


Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy


Double Bass


1900 c.


Mirecourt, France


G. Laurent

Date Sold

June 2008

Lot Number


Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy Auction Results

Brompton's reference library, in association with Claudio Amighetti, provides you with the price of a Double Bass by Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy from G. Laurent June 2008 auction results. You can find out the value of a Double Bass by Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy and the amount you could expect if you sold your Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy Double Bass at auction.

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