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Violin by Matteo Goffriller, Venice circa 1710

Price Sold

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GBP: £120,000 - £160,000

USD: $190,008 - $253,344

EUR: €143,956.36 - €191,941.81

JPY: ¥15,543,604.61 - ¥20,724,806.15

KRW: ₩211,944,416.43 - ₩282,592,555.24

Lot Title

A Magnificent Violin by Matteo Goffriller, Venice circa 1710


A Magnificent Violin by Matteo Goffriller, Venice circa 1710 Property of a Retired Musician. Matteo Goffriller (1659-1742), the founder of the classical Venetian school, was one of the most versatile of the classical makers. Before his pupils Montaganana and Sanctus Serafin established more individual and consistent designs, Goffriller and Gobetti took as models everything available to them. Even within the Venetian tradition, where patterns and forms change rapidly, Goffriller produced a remarkable range of styles. This instrument has a very Amati-like form, combined with broad Stradivarian edges and corners, and a distinctly Bergonzi-like breadth across the upper bouts. The soundholes, leaning inward and with large, rounded nicks are typical however, and the most recognisable and consistent feature in his work in general is the scroll, not overworked, but nicely cut, with the compact volute standing slightly upright above the pegbox. The materials are of the finest quality, as is frequently the case with Venetian work, and the varnish is of the finest consistency and deep orange-red colour.


Length of back: 14 ins, 355mm


Matteo Goffriller




circa 1710


Venice, Italy



Date Sold

March 2012

Lot Number


Matteo Goffriller Auction Results

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