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Reference Library Biographies

Adam, Jean Dominique Grand

The most distinguished of this bow making family was the Parisian maker known as Grand Adam

Adler, Otto August

Bowmaker based in Mittenwald.

Albani, Mathias

Important early maker working in the region of south Tyrol which is now part of Italy

Alberti, Ferdinando

Milanese maker strongly influenced by both Grancino and Testore

Aldric, Jean Francois

Jean-Francois Aldric was a French maker from a violin making family

Allen, Samuel

Previously at W.E. Hill & Sons, London, Allen established his own business in 1891

Alvey, Brian

English bow maker, served a five year apprenticeship at W.E. Hill and Sons

Amati, Andrea

Presumed pupil of Giovanni Leonardo di Martinengo in Cremona. Maker of the oldest surviving instruments of the violin family

Amati, Antonius

Elder son and pupil of Andrea. Recorded as a lute maker in 1559, and probably assistant to Andrea in the making of the Charles IX instruments

Amati, Dom Nicolo

Dom Nicolo Amati was the pseudonym of the priest Dom Nicola Marchioni

Amati, Hieronymus

Second son of Andrea, who worked in tandem with Antonio until 1588

Amati, Hieronymus The Second

Son of Nicolo, his hand is evident in instruments from 1670 onwards

Amati, Nicolo

Son of Girolamo, and most prolific member of the family

Antoniazzi, Gaetano

Presumed to be a pupil of Enrico Ceruti, from 1856 he lived in Mantua

Antoniazzi, Gregorio

An uncommon but significant maker of the Bergamo school, not connected with the later Antoniazzi family of Cremona and Milan

Antoniazzi, Riccardo

The son and pupil of Gaetano Antoniazzi. A significant figure in the establishment of the modern Milanese school

Antoniazzi, Romeo

Younger son of Gaetano, like his elder brother, he worked with Bisiach and Monzino in Milan

Audinot, Nestor Dominique

Son of Leopold and the best of the Audinot makers, Nestor worked for Sebastian Vuillaume in Paris between 1863

Averna, Alfred

Has made some good bows, a violin maker as well who has won medals for his instruments.

Bagatella, Antonio

A distinguished maker with a refined and well-proportioned Amatese model.

Bailly, Paul Joseph

In a trade that rewards roots and stability, Paul Bailly led a varied and mendicant life

Bairhoff, Giorgio

A German maker, most likely working with the Gagliano family as his instruments bear strong similarities

Baldantoni, Giuseppe

The best of a small group of violin makers in Ancona on the Adriatic coast of Italy in the nineteenth century

Balestrieri, Tommaso

The leading maker in Mantua, following Pietro Guarneri, Antonio Zanotti and his presumed teacher Camillo Camilli.