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Reference Library Biographies

Miquel, Emile

Family of Mirecourt bow makers.

Miremont, Claude Augustin

Violin and bow maker, Claude Miremont learned his trade both from his father Sebastian and from C.N. Collin. In 1844 Miremont moved to Paris, working for Lafleur and Bernadel.

Moinel, Amedee

Son and pupil of Charles Moinel. Branded his bows 'Moinel ??" Cherpitel'.

Monnig, Ernst Richard

Worked for Sitt in Prague and Bausch in Leipzig (Roda)

Montagnana, Domenico

Recognised as the finest of all cello makers, due to the compact but broad and tonally powerful model he devised in the early 1720s.

Mori, Costa Felix

Fairly mannered but well-executed work reminiscent of the instruments made by J.B.Guadagnini in Parma in the mid-eighteenth century. Good, hard red-brown varnish.

Morizot, Andre

B. 1907, Mirecourt

Morizot, Louis Pere

Louis Morizot was based in Mirecourt where he studied under Cuniot, Bazin and Sartory. His bows are based on Sartory's model.

Morizot, Paul

B. 1899, Mirecourt

Mougenot, Georges

Studied under G. Deroux and N. Darche before moving to Paris. Between 1875 and 1910 he ran the shop of N. Vuillaume in Brussels.

Mougenot, Leon Victor

Studied under E. Laurent and his father before subsequently working for Blanchard in Lyon, Lombard in Paris and W.E. Hill & Sons in London. He retired in 1899.

Napier, William

Worked at W.E. Hill & Sons, London.

Nurnberger, Adolph

Learned his trade from Christian Knopf, before working under Christian Suss. Made many bows for Hammig (Leipzig) which bear the Hammig brand.

Nurnberger, Franz Albert

Son of Karl Nurnberger, learning his trade from Bausch.

Nurnberger, Franz Albert II

Known as Albert and the greatest of the Nurnbergers. In 1880 Albert Nurnberger, having learned his trade from his father set up a workshop on his own account

Nurnberger, Gottlob

Son of Johann Georg Nurnberger, founded his own bow making business in 1824 which founded the Nurnberger bow making dynasty.

Nurnberger, H. Robert

Son of Franz Albert Nurnberger. Worked under Karl Pfretzschner and Th. Heberlein in Berlin.

Nurnberger, Johann Christoph

Son of Franz Albert Nurnberger, established his own shop in 1809.

Nurnberger-Suess, August

Son of Adolph Nurnberger, grandson of Christian Suess. Moved to California in 1912 where he remained until his death.

Oddone, Carlo Giuseppe

Initially studying under Gioffredo Rinaldi before moving to London to study under F. W. Chanot

Odoardi, Giuseppe

Highly original and idiosyncratic maker who worked in Ascoli, using a variety of models and materials, but usually with good tonal results stemming from the strong, flat archings which predominate.