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Reference Library Biographies

Olsen, Lars Jorgen Rudolf

Originally a violin maker, but travelled to Amsterdam in 1913 to learn bow making from K. van der Meer and Max Moller. Branded his bows 'Rudolf Olsen'.

Otti, Martino

Apprenticed to the Lute maker Andrea Pfanzelt, he was living in his house in Bologna by 1649. His work is rare, but of good Italianate quality. One particular example has a repair label of Stradivari dated 1723.

Otto, Karl Gustav

Worked at many workshops around Germany, including Bausch in Leipzig, before settling in Markneukirchen.

Ouchard, Emile Auguste

Son of Emile Francois Ouchard. Made copies of Tourte, Peccatte and Voirin, his bows are branded under the frog with a serial number and its date of manufacture.

Ouchard, Emile Francois

Studied under Cuniot Hury, running the firm after his teacher's death.

Pacherele, Pierre

Pacherele was a contemporary of J.B. Vuillaume, both serving their apprenticeships in Mirecourt

Paesold, Roderich

Established a business in Bubenreuth where many bows were made by his subordinates.

Panormo, Vincenzo Trusiano

A celebrated Anglo-Italian maker of the second half of the eighteenth century, his assumed originas in Monreale, Sicily have not yet been proven with documentary evidence, although his family name is given on labels as ‘Trusiano’, ‘Panormo’ being Latinise

Parker, Daniel

Important maker of the early eighteenth century English school, and one of the first makers in Europe to fully appreciate and follow Stradivari.

Pasta, Bartolomeo

A pupil of Nicolo Amati, his work is nevertheless rather crude. His two sons, Domenico and Gaetano (b.1678) worked in Brescia at the sign 'Alla Pallada'.


A German family of violin and bow makers.

Pierray, Claude

An important and prolific maker of the 'Vieux Paris' school, alongside Bocquay, his work is strong and reminiscent of Amati, with a good, rich orange varnish.

Pique, Francois Louis

Trained by the Mircourt maker Edmond Saunier (1730- after 1783), he established his own business in Paris in 1778. A collborator of Lupot, he laid the ground for the great post-revolutionary school of Paris makers.

Platner, Michael

Maker of Fussen origin, worked under Tecchler in Rome and then in his own workshop. Fine workmanship and varnish, and some particularly striking cellos, all made under a strong Stainer influence.

Pollastri, Augusto

One of the more revered twentieth century Italian makers, a pupil of Raffaele Fiorini. Although not prolific, being involved in restoration and repair work throughout his life, his neat, well balanced and richly varnished instruments have a high reputatio

Poncin, Charles Jean Joseph

Worked in Brussels for Mougenot in 1879 before establishing his own shop in the same city in 1908.

Postiglione, Vincenzo

Taught by Vincenzo Jorio, he became the most academic and refined of Naples makers, drawing on the Gagliano tradition, but with great technique and finish and a fine selection of varnishes.

Prager, Edwin August

Bow maker who worked for Bausch in Leipzig, then later in Markneukirchen.

Prager, Gustav Oskar

Violin and bow maker who established his own business in 1907. Pupil of Karl F. Pfretzschner.

Prell, Hermann Wilhelm

Bow maker, worked for E. Sartory in 1897, before which he studied under Hoyer and Nurnberger.

Pressenda, Giovanni Francesco

Probably a pupil of Alexandre D'Espine (1775- after 1846), he did much to secure the great tradition of violin making in Italy in the early nineteenth century.


One of the best collaborators of Fendt. A make much esteemed in England. His varnish, though of fine appearance, somewhat lacks suppleness.

Rau, August

Worked as a bow maker from 1939, his work is highly regarded.

Rau, Charles

Son of August Rau, based in Amsterdam.