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Reference Library Biographies

Barbe, Auguste

B. 1853, d. 1902, Mirecourt


Grandson of Charles Baroux and a skilful, if little known bow maker.

Bassler, Richard

Two makers of this name. The elder, according to Hans Weisshaar, made all the bows branded Johann Striber, killed in the Second World War.

Bausch, Ludwig

The elder son of Ludwig Christian Bausch ('The German Tourte'), although his bows are less impressive than those of his father

Bausch, Ludwig Christian August

Pupil of the violin maker J. B. Fritsche between 1818 ??" 1822.

Bazin, Charles

The son of Louis Bazin, he branded his bows ??" like his grandfather before him ??" 'C. Bazin'.

Bazin, Charles Nicolas

Branded his bows 'C. Bazin'. Bazin's bows are of fine quality in the French style. Taught the gifted bow maker Louis Thomassin.

Bazin, Gustave

The son of Charles Nicolas Bazin, Gustave Bazin was apprenticed within the firm of Darte-Vuillaume and worked with Laurent in Mirecourt.

Bazin, Louis

The younger son of Charles Nicolas Bazin, he began working for his father from the age of 12 and in 1915 took over his father's business

Bazin, Rene

Apprenticed under his father Louis Bazin, Bazin also studied violin making with A. Dieudonne. Worked in Paris and Brussels before settling in Lille.

Beilke, Martin O.

American maker, based in Minneapolis. Bows mostly based on the Tourte model.

Bellosio, Anselmo

Successor to the workshop of Giorgio Serafin in 1777. A very refined maker who sustained the Venetian school of violin making beyond the end of the classical period in Cremona

Bender, E. W.

American maker, based in Newman Illinois.

Beretta, Felice

A pupil of Giuseppe Guadagnini. Undistinguished craftsmanship, but good model and sound.

Bergonzi, Carlo

His work is among the rarest and best of the classical Cremonese, and the influences seen in it are broad

Bergonzi, Carlo The Second

Younger son of Zosimo. Lived and worked with brother Nicola, and his own rare labelled work, dating from ca 1780 to 1800

Bergonzi, Michelangelo Angelo

Son of Carlo Bergonzi. Faced with increasing competition from growing numbers of violin makers throughout Europe,

Bergonzi, Niccolo

Eldest son of Zosimo. Aided by a revival of interest in Cremonese making in the late eighteenth century,

Bergonzi, Zosimo

Son of Carlo and younger brother of Michele Angelo. His work is extremely rare, confined to a mandolin and childs violin presently known.

Bernardel, Auguste Sebastien Philippe

Bernardel was apprenticed to Nicolas Lupot, before working alongside Charles Francois Gand

Bernardel, Gustave Adolphe

Used the brand 'Gand & Bernardel' or 'Gand Freres' in small letters, Gustave Bernardel made excellent bows based on a model similar to that of F.N. Voirin.

Bernardel, Leon

Leon Bernardel was the son of Ernest Bernardel and the nephew of Gustave.

Bichet, Mansuy

Worked at Mirecourt in the last half of the 18th Century.

Bisiach, Leandro

Working with Riccardo Antoniazzi in Milan, he developed a thriving business selling their own work and that of other contemporary makers.