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Antoniazzi, Gaetano

B. 1825, Cremona, d. 1897, Milan

Presumed to be a pupil of Enrico Ceruti, from 1856 he lived in Mantua, probably assisting the aged Giuseppe Ceruti. Following his death in 1860, he returned to Cremona where he remained, apart from a year spent in Genoa in 1865, until 1870 when he moved finally to Milan. Assisted Leandro Bisiach during his last decade. Stylistically he owes much to Enrico Ceruti, and his workmanship is generally very refined, although sometimes undermined by poor materials.

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Name Category Origin Date Sold GBP USD EUR JPY KRW
Antoniazzi, Gaetano Violin Cremona 1870 May 2007 £ $ ¥
ANTONIAZZI, GAETANO Violin Cremona 1875 Oct 2007 £ $ ¥
Antoniazzi, Gaetano Violin Cremona 187580 Mar 2007 £ $ ¥
Antoniazzi, Gaetano Violin Cremona 1879 Jun 2013 £ $ ¥
Antoniazzi, Gaetano Violin Cremona 1880 May 2004 £ $ ¥
Antoniazzi, Gaetano Violin Milano 1870 Oct 1997 £ $ ¥
Antoniazzi, Gaetano Violin Milano 1885 Oct 2009 £ $ ¥

Photography of Gaetano Antoniazzi's instruments

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