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B. 1713 Kehl, Alsace, d. 1799, Venice

Initially a soldier and musician, he worked in Venice from 1750, and his label is one of the most commonly found in instruments made there in the last half of the eighteenth century. His style is consistent and distinctive especially in the fashioning of the scroll, and features technical aspects derived from the Cremonese tradition, probably acquired from Pietro Guarneri, who was still active in Venice in 1760. Later Deconet work suffers from a more formalised, less classical style and a harder varnish.

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Name Category Origin Date Sold GBP USD EUR JPY
Deconet, Michele Viola Venezia 1750 Mar 2007 £ $ ¥
Deconet, Michele Violin Venezia 1753 Oct 2008 £ $ ¥
DECONET, MICHELE Violin Venezia 1754 Nov 2007 £ $ ¥
Deconet, Michele Violin Venezia 1759 Oct 2002 £ $ ¥
Deconet, Michele Violin Venezia 1760 Nov 2015 £ $ ¥
DECONET, MICHELE Violin Venezia 1760 Feb 2007 £ $ ¥
Deconet, Michele Violin Venezia 1764 May 2001 £ $ ¥
Deconet, Michele Violin Venezia 1766 May 2013 £ $ ¥
DECONET, MICHELE Violin Venezia 1777 Dec 2008 £ $ ¥
Deconet, Michele Violin Venezia 1780 May 2005 £ $ ¥
Deconet, Michele Violin Venezia 1780 Nov 2000 £ $ ¥
Deconet, Michele Violin Venezia 1789 Jun 2001 £ $ ¥

Articles about Michele Deconet

Michele Deconet

Michele Deconet

We now know a great deal about Michele Deconet, through archival researches in Venice, but there remains a considerable mystery about the circumstances of one of the most apparently prolific of Venetian makers.

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