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Gagliano, Giovanni

Active ca 1785-1819

Son of Nicola, worked initially with brothers Giuseppe and Antonio, but later developed a strong style of his own, though usually restricted by the relatively inferior quality of varnish in general use by this time. Three sons, Nicola II (active ca 1800-1825), Raffaele (d.1857) and Antonio II (d.1860), continued making instruments, good in sound but undistinguished in workmanship, into the nineteenth century. Instruments by Nicola II are rare compared to the large numbers produced by Raffaele and Antonio working in partnership.

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Name Category Origin Date Sold GBP USD EUR JPY
Gagliano, Giovanni Viola Napoli 1801 Apr 2012 £ $ ¥
Gagliano, Giovanni Violin Napoli 1784 Mar 2010 £ $ ¥
Gagliano, Giovanni Violin Napoli 1792 Oct 2014 £ $ ¥
Gagliano, Giovanni Violin Napoli 1803 Nov 2006 £ $ ¥
Gagliano, Giovanni Violin Napoli 1806 Jul 2004 £ $ ¥

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