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Montagnana, Domenico

B. 1687, Lendinara, d.1750, Venice

Recognised as the finest of all cello makers, due to the compact but broad and tonally powerful model he devised in the early 1720s. Taught by Matteo Gofriller, his work is similar in style, being fairly loose and asymmetrical, but generally covered in a particularly rich red varnish given to a characteristic clotted and crackled surface texture. His violins are more variable; some very fine examples were built on a flat arch and have a first-rate sound, but others follow the high-built Stainer and Amati patterns, and consequently have less volume of sound. After his death, his business was continued briefly by his son-in-law, Giorgio Serafin, the nephew of Santo Serafin, one of his chief rivals.

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Name Category Origin Date Sold GBP USD EUR JPY KRW
Montagnana, Domenico Double Bass Venezia 1747 Mar 1999 £ $ ¥
Montagnana, Domenico Violin Venezia 1733 Oct 2003 £ $ ¥
Montagnana, Domenico Violin Venezia 1740 Oct 2010 £ $ ¥
Montagnana, Domenico Violin Venezia 1740 Nov 2005 £ $ ¥
Montagnana, Domenico Violin Venezia 1741 Mar 1993 £ $ ¥
Montagnana, Domenico Violin Venice 1723 Jun 2010 £ $ ¥

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Domenico Montagnana

Domenico Montagnana

Domenico Montagnana, 'the mighty Venetian', as he was dubbed by the Edwardian writer Charles Reade, was born in the village of Lendinara close to Venice, in about 1687

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