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The best and most influential maker of the Germanic school, and for much of the eighteenth century revered by violinists as at least equal to his Cremonese contemporaries. Working from 1638, he quickly evolved a distinctive style dependant on a full arch with a strong channel around the edge, giving a very pure tone often described as 'silvery', although lacking in sheer power compared with Stradivari and Guarneri. Strong similarities to Nicolo Amati's technique seen in his work provoke the idea that he was a pupil, but no evidence can be found for this. Very successful in his own lifetime, he was brought low by a dispute with the church in 1669, and bouts of what might have been depression after 1675, but he continued making instruments to the very highest quality. Hugely influential on the Germanic school for many generations, and on violin makers throughout Europe in the eighteenth century, his instruments are now well-suited for authentic performance of baroque music, where the tonal power needed to dominate a large orchestra is not the main issue.

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Name Category Origin Date Sold GBP USD EUR JPY KRW
Stainer, Jacob Viola Absam 1663 Nov 2012 £ $ ¥
Stainer, Jacob Viola Absam 1674 Mar 1997 £ $ ¥
Stainer, Jacobus Viola 1674 Oct 2012 £ $ ¥
Stainer, Jacob Violin Absam 1658 Oct 2017 £ $ ¥
Stainer, Jacob Violin Absam 1660 Nov 2006 £ $ ¥
Stainer, Jacob Violin Absam 1660 May 2005 £ $ ¥
Stainer, Jacob Violin Absam 1662 Nov 2002 £ $ ¥
Stainer, Jacob Violin Absam 1665 Oct 2006 £ $ ¥
Stainer, Jacob Violin Absam 1673 Nov 2012 £ $ ¥
Stainer, Jacobus Violin 1690 Nov 2004 £ $ ¥
STAINER, JACOBUS Violin Absam 1650 Oct 2007 £ $ ¥
Stainer, Jacobus Violin Absam 1655 Apr 2011 £ $ ¥
Stainer, Jacobus Violin Absam 1656 May 2003 £ $ ¥
Stainer, Jacobus Violin Absam 1659 Mar 2011 £ $ ¥
Stainer, Jacobus Violin Absam 1671 Dec 1993 £ $ ¥
Stainer, Jakob Violin Absam 1658 Nov 1998 £ $ ¥

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Jacob Stainer

Jacob Stainer

Jacob Stainer remains an enigmatic maker, despite the comparatively large amount of documentary evidence about his life that has been discovered

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