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Viola by Jacobus Stainer, 1674

Price Sold

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GBP: £60,000 - £100,000

USD: $97,338 - $162,230

EUR: €75,432 - €125,720

JPY: ¥7,672,800 - ¥12,788,000

KRW: ₩105,679,200 - ₩176,132,000

Lot Title

A Highly Important and Rare Viola by Jacobus Stainer, Absom 1674


Property of a Gentleman. The finely carved lion head finial. This wonderful viola is a very recent discovery and has increased the number of genuine Stainer violas with a lion head finial to two. The only other example known to exist dates from 1678 and is on loan to the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. . This remarkable instrument was made in 1674, and considering that it is over three hundred years old the condition is quite stunning. The beautiful finial in lion head form, is still as crisp as the day it was carved by Stainer. Benjamin Schroeder, one of the world's leading experts on the work of Stainer, informs us that there is only one other viola with a similar head in existence, an example dating from 1678 and on loan to the Kunsthistorisches museum in Vienna.. As mentioned earlier the wood used to make the table is incredibly ancient, to put this into historical context 1430 was the year that Joan of Arc was captured by the Burgundians, and only fifteen years after the battle of Agincourt.


Sold with the certificate of Benjamin Schroeder, Frankfurt am Main 2012


Length of back: 15 3/4ins, 401mm.


Jacobus Stainer







Date Sold

October 2012

Lot Number


Jacobus Stainer Auction Results

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