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Reference Library Results

Violin Bow by Morgan H. Andersen, United States of America

Price Sold

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USD: $3,000 - $5,000


Silver mounted, round stick stamped Morgan Andersen


Weight 63.5 g


Morgan H. Andersen


Violin Bow


United States



Date Sold

February 2017

Lot Number


Morgan H. Andersen Auction Results

Brompton's reference library, in association with Claudio Amighetti, provides you with the price of a Violin Bow by Morgan H. Andersen from Tarisio February 2017 auction results. You can find out the value of a Violin Bow by Morgan H. Andersen and the amount you could expect if you sold your Morgan H. Andersen Violin Bow at auction.

How much is my Morgan H. Andersen Violin Bow worth?

Brompton's is delighted to offer complimentary Violin Bow appraisals for insurance, probate or sale purposes. If you currently own a Morgan H. Andersen Violin Bow, click the button below to receive a free valuation:

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