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20th October 2022

Two French Double Basses Consigned to the October Fine Sale

These basses were previously used by the late double bassist H. L. Milner. Born in South Africa in 1933, he was an active professional musician from the mid 1950’s in the U.K. Skilled as both a classical and Jazz musician, he maintained that Jazz was his passion, but due to a desire to learn to master the instrument properly he also trained as a classical player..

His career also saw him play in Europe as a member of a military band, which entailed a period on an American base as a civilian in France for some months. An active musician into his later years, he continued to play with an orchestra up until he passed away at 88 years old.

Lot 172: A French Double Bass by Juste Derazey, Mirecourt circa 1880

Lot 173: A French Double Bass, workshop of Just Derazey, Mirecourt circa 1870