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17th March 2023

Listen to the March Fine Sale Highlights

Watch violinist Roberts Balanas and cellist Hristo Kouzmanov perform an excerpt on a selection of the highlights from our March 27th, 2023 Fine Auction


Lot 215: Property of a Lady: An Important Italian Violin by Francesco Ruggieri, Cremona circa 1670

Lot 98: A Fine Italian Violin by Tomaso Eberle, Naples 1782

Lot 111: A Very Fine Italian Viola by Giuseppe Ornati, Milan 1952

Lot 214: Property of a Musician: A Fine Italian Violin by Gaetano Pasta, Brescia circa 1710-20

Lot 174: An Italian Violin by Antonio Gragnani, Livorno 1784

Lot 108: A Very Fine Italian Viola by Gaetano Sgarabotto, Parma 1931

Lot 164: A Fine Italian Violin by Evasio Emilio Guerra, Turin 1947

Lot 56: An Italian Violin by Joseph Gagliano, Naples circa 1790

Lot 78: An Italian Violin by Lorenzo Ventapane, Naples 1820

Lot 193: A Fine and Interesting Italian Violin, probably Bologna, second half of the eighteenth century

Lot 209: A Very Interesting Violin, North Italy circa 1740

Lot 92: An Italian Violin by Cesare Candi, Genoa circa 1920

Lot 68: A Fine French Violin by Pierre Pacherele, Nice circa 1840

Lot 116: Property of a Musician: A Very Fine Italian Viola by Pietro Sgarabotto, Parma 1951

Lot 51: An Italian Violin by Giulio Degani, Venice 1904

Lot 142: An English Cello by Thomas Kennedy, London circa 1810

Lot 158: An English Cello by Simon Andrew Forster, London circa 1835

Lot 139: Property of an American Institution: A Very Fine and Rare Cello by Joseph Panormo, London 1795

Lot 151: A Fine and Rare Italian Cello by Joannes Antonio Marchi, Bologna 1777

Lot 152: A Good English Cello by Lockey Hill, London circa 1790